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Forex trading signals system are very effective. You can choose to have your account auto traded by a software or by an account manager, or enter the trade yourself. Metatrader 4 indicators This system is completely mechanical, you receive the exact entry and exit point of a trade, then you just wait and see.

A Forex signal service will allow you to trade confidently. Signals are sent after a market analyse and the best signal forex service providers increase the funds of their clients between 80% and 100% per year. This is a large profit no banks can currently offer.

The price of a forex signal service can be as low as $49 up to to $200 per month. But you can also choose to pay a subscription quarterly or for a full year. Be sure that you can try the signal service for a few days or weeks. Then if you find signals are accurate and you are making profit, you could choose to continue. Do a simple math and see how much pips you could be earning each month.

There are companies online that don’t require subscription for providing forex signals, if you choose the option to have a managed account. But of course there is a “performance fee”. As the name suggests, a fee will be deducted from your account when it is making profit. Fees are generally 20-25% of performance. This seems a lot, but with this kind of system you don’t have to trade yourself, and if your auto traded account or managed account makes 100% profit in a year, you still keep 75%-80% of it.