On my last count, there are more than 100 carpentry project categories in the Woodworking4Home web site. find out more In this article, I have decided to do a quick review on their router table plans.

Accessing the DIY table category, there are at least 20 blueprints. I’ve chosen the stow-and-go router table plans for my write up.

The plan is in pdf format and the file size is about 2 megabyte making it very quick to download. On the very top of the blueprint, there is a 3D rendering of the end result.

The key feature of this design is its portability. With its specially designed hinges and joints, the router table can be dissembled for easy storage. Other feature of the DIY table is the build in dust collection space and large table top.

Further down on the design blueprint, there is the detailed diagrams of the router top design. From there, you can see how the main fence and the sacrificial fence are attached to the table top. From the diagram, you can also see the design of the dust hood.

Other details are the side braces, back and front supports. The interesting parts are the threaded knobs which will allow the router table to be dissembled easily.

Based on the cutting list, there are a total of 21 parts to construct the table. From the material quantity list, it will cost around $100 to make the route table following the Woodworking4Home table blueprint.

How long will it take to complete the construction and assembly? That will depend entirely on your personal woodworking skill.

I have been enjoying carpentry as a hobby for the last 6 years. Based on my experience, I believe I can get the router table done in one weekend.

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